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Nails & Spa
Our Technicians' Work Schedule 
(subject to change)
  • Monday: Quy, Tammy, Flower, Amy
  • Tuesday: Cindy, Amy, Flower, Dao, Michael            
  • Wednesday: Cindy, Quy, Kelly, Dao, Michael
  • Thursday: Cindy, Quy, Flower, Dao, Tammy, Michael
  • Friday: Cindy,  Quy, Dao, Tammy, Amy, Kelly, Flower,  Michael
  • Saturday: Cindy,  Quy, Dao, Tammy, Flower, Amy, Kelly, Michael
  • Sunday: Dao, Tammy,  Amy, Kelly, Flower, Michael
Our Technicians' Off Schedule
  • Cindy: Sunday & Monday
  • Quy: Sunday & Tuesday
  • Dao: Monday 
  • Tammy: Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Kelly: Sunday & Monday
  • Flower: Wednesday
  • Amy: Wednesday & Thurday
  • Michael: Monday