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Nails & Spa
About Best Nails & Spa
Best Nails was first opened in 1985.  In December 1989, Cindy Huynh & her husband took over the business with three nails technicians doing acrylic nails, facials, traditional manicures & pedicures on Inglewood Avenue. However, Best Nails has always looked forward to a more spacious, upper scale salon to accommodate its esteemed clients. 

Fortunately, in 2004, Best Nails got moved to a new location and was renamed Best Nails & Spa. With new spa chairs, facial rooms, and professional technicians, this beauty salon was ready to introduce this true idea of "relaxation".

Our clients' health and joy are our first priorities. We do our best to bring in the best nail products, designs and techniques.

Best Nails & Spa is family-owned and operated right here in Redondo Beach, CA. Although other salons may offer similar services, our services are the best. Each and every service has a personal touch and comes from love, and Best Nails & Spa strives to keep the salon a friendly and family-like atmosphere for years to come.
The People Behind the Magic
Jenny:  15 years experience in doing nails.  She does acrylic nails, manicures & pedicures, Acrylic, Dipping Poder nails and Gel manicures and GelX.  She's patient with her services and devotes her effort to her clients in order for the best relaxing experience.
Flower: Nails licensed in 2010 and skin care licensed in 2012. She's a perfectionate.  You can't rush her.  She would take her time to completly satifying you.  Her popular request is for gel manicures & salt scrub pedicures with careful work cleaning the cuticle and giving firm foot massage.  She is very pleasant to all clients.  Our clients look forward to see the best foot massage.

Justine Dang: Over 20 years experience in acrylic, Dipping Powder nails,s and a great conversationalist. She is willing to give everyone a great time. 

Micheal Mac: Started in 2014, and extremely helpful to all. He works thoroughly in acrylic nails, Dipping Powder nails, manicures & pedicures to bring the satisfaction to clients.  
Quy Tran: Having worked in Best Nails since 1996 with nails & waxing, a gentle touch, and a calm personality, she would give the most unforgettable calming manicure & pedicure, brows, lip or body wax.

Dao Nguyen:  Over 20 years experience in, Dipping Powder nails manicures, pedicures, waxing, and especially facial treatments. She has worked in Best Nails since 2000. 

Tammy Duong20 years experience in acrylic nails, Dipping Powder nails, manicures & pedicures.  She loves doing Dipping Powder nails, pink & white, sea shells, glitter or gel manicures.  

Joanne Huynh:  Over 20 years skillful in Waxing, Gel manicures, pedicures, Acrylic, Dipping Powder nails & the latest GelX experience. She's extremely detailed in shaping nails and creating fantastic one-stroke nail designs, and an excellent technician in doing pedicure.

Cindy Huynh: Certified in nails & skin care since 1989; specialized in pink & white acrylic, sea shell nails and trained by Dermalogica Inc. for products, facials, & waxing since 1990.  Happily serving the South Bay since 1998. Don't forget to ask for Brazilian bikini, body wax, deep pores cleansing, extraction, European facials or body massage!